The Joker


There was just something about this Joker – he was crying out to be cut – I started with a wallpaper background image – and it was only when I started cutting that I realised that the image was very symmetrical.


The image was based on the half image used in the promotion and flipped and joined – the master Lino was cut and used to create a second plate I used this second plate along with a number of paper masks to print the colour items, printing the yellow first, then the red areas and then the blue and finally the green shirt. The Hair was printed from the main Lino.


I print using Ternes buttons for registration and this allows you to lift and look at the print, re-lay it and rub down a bit more this gives you a wide range of tonal colour options and the softer areas particularly the hair.


Below are the final prints


These can be found on my ArtFinder store






Alice in Wonderland

The Book and the illustrations are now out of copyright – I have always been a fan of both and thought I would cut some new versions based on the original illustrations


Lino Prints onto pages from old books

Here are the 5 Lino Cuts printed on to pages from old paperback books bought on Amazon – I’m looking for the cheapest paperback book i can find as I want the pages to have yellowed – I did get one lady tick me off for destroying books – but I feel that I’m preserving part of the book, with the hope that these will inspire people to re read the original book. I am sure Lewis Carroll would understand.

These prints have sold well at the recent two craft fairs I attended.


If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I like to extend the life of the images I create into digital and other media. I have made two of them in to A6 cards and will add to these shortly. I also ran a short run of t-shirts to see if these would prove popular