Titus Salt

Titus Salt built Saltaire a mill and village near Shipley, this is now a world Heritage site and if you are coming north to Leeds or Bradford it’s well worth the visit. There is a permenant exhibition of David Hockney’s work – a Bradford lad, along with some great stores and an antique shop.

Titus died in 1876 and this is my tribute. All these items: the Prints, tea Towels and cards are available from a wonderful shop on the High Street just above the mill, called Radstudio – run by Gina

If you go to Saltaire take a trip up the high street as there are a number of interesting shops and cafes – even a pub called ‘Don’t tell Titus’ – he would be turning in his grave


Print, Tea Towel and card

I initially cut the Lino to make a series of open prints, then decided that it would make a nice Tea-Towel and finally a card.


Earlier for a local Saltaire makers fair I made a print of one of the lions – also available through Radstudio, the story goes that these were supposed to be the ones for Trafalgar Square, they now adorn Saltaire Town Hall, further up the High Street near Massarella’s Art Cafe – home to a number of my framed Rock Icon prints




Alice in Wonderland

The Book and the illustrations are now out of copyright – I have always been a fan of both and thought I would cut some new versions based on the original illustrations


Lino Prints onto pages from old books

Here are the 5 Lino Cuts printed on to pages from old paperback books bought on Amazon – I’m looking for the cheapest paperback book i can find as I want the pages to have yellowed – I did get one lady tick me off for destroying books – but I feel that I’m preserving part of the book, with the hope that these will inspire people to re read the original book. I am sure Lewis Carroll would understand.

These prints have sold well at the recent two craft fairs I attended.


If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I like to extend the life of the images I create into digital and other media. I have made two of them in to A6 cards and will add to these shortly. I also ran a short run of t-shirts to see if these would prove popular