New Garden Studio



This year due to the amount of time not working due to COVID, I finally had time to build my new studio, and I decided to add one of my portraits to the side wall. I chose the print I cut of David Bowie, I scanned the image and adjusted the image in Illustrator to give me a file that I could get cut out.


The inside is not as tidy now, but its a great space.




I had to adjust the image by thickening the lines and joining some of them together so there were no floating parts. Then my good mate Gary Wade of New Concept Signs cut it out on his amazing laser cutter, its about 900mm x 600mm, he also made me this nice logo


Other samples of my print work can be seen on my Artfinder feed, but please contact me direct if you wish to purcahse


iPad digital portraits



I am now along with my LinoCut Portraits taking commisions for digital portraits – in the style above


The images are created in Procreate from a good quality image, that you would send me
I am offering the first 10 for £100 each .


So far I have completed 6 so i have 4 left, then i may put the price up?
I will then send you back a a high quality digital file that you can use as you see fit – limitless usage. just credit me were possible.


Other samples of my digital art can be seen on my instagram paint account @bennettpaint



iPad Digital Art



I recently upgraded my iPad to the latest one and bought an Apple pencil


The images below are the result of paying around with Procreate
I achieved these results by loading in a reference portrait and i just use this pick up the colours,then paint the shadows – mid tones and highlights – i try to do this as quickly as possible to retain a loosness in the painting. The inspiration the music as always.


So far I have had the following digitally printed and these are now avaialble in my new shop – see the link in the navigation: Amy Winehouse, Bob Marley, Lenny Kravitz, Neil Young and Leonard Cohen.


I have been working on new ones and will add these to the shop in the next few weeks , these new ones, like, Alice Cooper, Prince and Gary Numan can be seen on my instagram paint account @bennettpaint



Large A3 Rock Portraits



I have started a set of large A3 size portraits of, yes rock icons.


These are limited editions of ten – as reduction prints in two colours
Apart from the new Hendrix print that is a multi coloured reduction print, the inspiration the music as always.
So far there is Mick Jagger, Iggy Pop, Jimi Hendrix, Leonard Cohen, Keith Richards and the latest John Lennon, I think they are more powerful just because of the increase in size.
but I will leave this to you to judge.


These are availble on my Artfinder store but email or text me for a deal as the commision on Artfinder is very high.






The Joker


There was just something about this Joker – he was crying out to be cut – I started with a wallpaper background image – and it was only when I started cutting that I realised that the image was very symmetrical.


The image was based on the half image used in the promotion and flipped and joined – the master Lino was cut and used to create a second plate I used this second plate along with a number of paper masks to print the colour items, printing the yellow first, then the red areas and then the blue and finally the green shirt. The Hair was printed from the main Lino.


I print using Ternes buttons for registration and this allows you to lift and look at the print, re-lay it and rub down a bit more this gives you a wide range of tonal colour options and the softer areas particularly the hair.


Below are the final prints


These can be found on my ArtFinder store






Sculpture prints


I found a number of inspiring images on Pinterest of Sculptures and these led me to this new range of prints and a new technique that I will share with you.

I wanted to get the patina of metal sculptures that rich subtle range of colours, not one of Lino’s great obvious traits, so a bit of experimenting with initially a simple drawing of a horse. I print by hand so I’m used to getting a variable print outcome and I like this so you can see above the first layer of orange, I printed this and left it for a couple of days, then with out altering the Lino I printed a second colour of Brown and then a final touch of Black


I print using Ternes buttons for registration and this allows you to lift and look at the print, re-lay it and rub down a bit more this gives you a wide range of tonal colour options and the patina I was looking for.
I used the same technique on the Hares print for the first two colours before reducing the Lino for the fur and finally the black detail on the middle hare and the eyes


Below are the final prints


These can be found on my Etsy Store





Titus Salt

Titus Salt built Saltaire a mill and village near Shipley, this is now a world Heritage site and if you are coming north to Leeds or Bradford it’s well worth the visit. There is a permenant exhibition of David Hockney’s work – a Bradford lad, along with some great stores and an antique shop.

Titus died in 1876 and this is my tribute. All these items: the Prints, tea Towels and cards are available from a wonderful shop on the High Street just above the mill, called Radstudio – run by Gina

If you go to Saltaire take a trip up the high street as there are a number of interesting shops and cafes – even a pub called ‘Don’t tell Titus’ – he would be turning in his grave


Print, Tea Towel and card

I initially cut the Lino to make a series of open prints, then decided that it would make a nice Tea-Towel and finally a card.


Earlier for a local Saltaire makers fair I made a print of one of the lions – also available through Radstudio, the story goes that these were supposed to be the ones for Trafalgar Square, they now adorn Saltaire Town Hall, further up the High Street near Massarella’s Art Cafe – home to a number of my framed Rock Icon prints




Alice in Wonderland

The Book and the illustrations are now out of copyright – I have always been a fan of both and thought I would cut some new versions based on the original illustrations


Lino Prints onto pages from old books

Here are the 5 Lino Cuts printed on to pages from old paperback books bought on Amazon – I’m looking for the cheapest paperback book i can find as I want the pages to have yellowed – I did get one lady tick me off for destroying books – but I feel that I’m preserving part of the book, with the hope that these will inspire people to re read the original book. I am sure Lewis Carroll would understand.

These prints have sold well at the recent two craft fairs I attended.


If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I like to extend the life of the images I create into digital and other media. I have made two of them in to A6 cards and will add to these shortly. I also ran a short run of t-shirts to see if these would prove popular



People Series

There is an artist called Geoffrey Johnson that I much admire and I wanted to look at a series of prints inspired by him but using Lino printing.



I start with a photograph, bought online and played around with it in Photoshop to reduce the elements to shapes that still maintained the form of people, I have also added some of the shadows. I got a huge response on Linocut Friends when I posted the first one. This is a great facebook group. A really good source of information, advice and help on all aspects of Lino printing, along with some amazing work from all around the world.


I then print these out using a laser toner printer and iron them onto the Grey linoleum – you need to be careful as it can damage the Lino – you can get air pockets which make carving dificult. I then carve and as you can see from the 1st one, the second and third have better reflections. From advice I recieved on Linocut Friends – have been using a Ghost technique on the reflections.
You ink as normal and then using scrap paper you remove some of the ink – I print by hand so I was careful to only lightly rub these areas so the they remain lighter in colour to the main people images.
The yellow ochre colour in the background is achieved by roller inking through a papermask (a rectangular hole in the Paper). The lines and shapes in the background are created by the roller and a happy accident of the cut lines on the board I laid the paper on to carry out the inking, the soft edge to the yellow areas is part of the masking process.
Because the surface pattern and inking is hand done – each print is allthough part of the series – unique. I have one more to print in this first series.
I also really like the pattern in the background so I’m planning to try this in a more planned way


Self- Portrait

I thought it was time I updated my business cards and decided to create a self-portrait and at the same time experiment with some colour ways.

There is a great facebook site called Linocut Friends and I used this forum to see what people thought was the most popular version, the Orange and Blue one won hands down –

But the other two shown above recieved enough votes to make me think about it. One of the suggestions on the comments was to print a quantity of business cards using the most popular designs and see how they went at the craft fairs I attend – so I have done just that.


I start with a photograph, I have a couple of APPs on my iPad that I use to work out colours and structure- what and were to cut, see some examples below – The APPs are PhotoStudio and recently Photo Lab – these are free versions – I find that these help with the planning and colour options.

I then start by making a Black and White image based on one of the above ideas and print this using a laser printer – the toner varity. I then iron this onto the Lino, if yopu paln to do this be careful as too much heat and the lino will bubble, leaving voids in the lino and this can result in bits coming away during the cutting process. Depending on the image and the Lino I end up with enough of an impression of were the main elements of the face are and use this as the basis of the drawing phase, you can see the result in the Header image – this is with the highlights already cut, the tonal areas are from the iorning process. Once I am happy with the drawing I wipe over the lino with some red Lino ink – I look at a number of the images above on my Ipad as I cut the Lino – the advantage of using the iPad is you can reverse the image so it matches the image on the Lino and increase the size of different areas to show more detail.

I often use 1 stage of the Lino cutting process to add multi colours creating masks to allow this see image 1, I used  masking tape and then cut around the image to create a mask, using this to ink and then removing the mask before laying on the paper, this worked in this case as I only printed 4 different versions of each colour combination as I dont plan to print any editions of the image. Image 2 shows yellow base colour added after the orange printing. Image 3 shows the Sky Blue added after the second cut – due to the yellow underneath this has gone a little green. Image 4 shows the final darker Blue added after the last Lino Cut. Image 5 is a single colour print off the last Lino cut.

I will post an image of the Business cards once I have them