The Beatles – Sgt Pepper

This is my tribute the the fab 4 as Sgt Pepper and the release on the 26 May 1967 of their commercial and critical successful album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,  On release, the album was lauded by the vast majority of critics for its innovations in music production, songwriting and graphic design,

This series of 4 portraits is based on the album

Each member of the Beatles in mock military outfits:

John in Yellow

Paul in Blue

George  in Orange

and Ringo in pink

The iconic album cover conceived and created by Peter Blake the english Pop Artist, set the beatles with their mustaches and shiny mock band uniforms, alongside their suited, mop-topped wax statues and surrounded by cardboard cutouts of cultural figures like Fred Astaire, Edgar Allen Poe, W. C. Fields, Dylan, Marlene Dietrich and  Shirley Temple. The music was a blend of modern music and musichall sounds.


Where to buy

The 4 Limited edtion prints are all available on my Artfinder page

The image at the end is a Digital Print based on the original prints above and is available from My Etsy page