Copyright Issues


It has been brought to my attention that there may be copyright issues with some of my prints.


I am making an original piece of art , because the linocut is made by me, its handmade — but it is based on a found image, and these may belong to someone else, its a grey area as it depends on an interpretation of my artwork and the used image.


If I had access to the people I want to honour I could take my own images to base my prints on, but in most cases this is not possible.


It was never my intention to exploit any of the performers, my art was meant to be an expression of my appreciation of them and their music. True I hope to make a modest amount of money out of selling these works of art. But like the people I have given prints to or those few who have bought a print we are genuine fans


So I offer 3 options


You allow me to celebrate you and your work free of charge?


I would be happy to share with you a percentage of the small profit that I make on each print, for the permission to carry on printing from my original artwork?


If you wish me to stop printing and distributing the prints – then I will of course do this.