Commisions: Lino print portraits


How would you like a lino print portrait ? The portrait will help you to see things in a new way –

the more you look, the more you will see.


Investing in a portrait is investing in a thing of joy for generations to come.


We specilise in Lino portraits of people and pets, things to think about are:


  • Who is the portrait of? You or a relative ?
  • The portraits are A4 in size ( image size 17cm x 29cm) printed on Japanese masa paper 29cm wide x 39cm high.
  • They can be in a single colour or multi colour.
  • When you would like the print. Is it for a special birthday or anniversary?
  • The approximate budget. Single colour prints cost £150 and colour prints cost from £200 – £500.
  • The Portraits are based on a good quality supplied photo.
  • You will recieve 2 copies of your portrait – extra copies can be bought at a modest cost


please see the examples below :