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Starter Kit

Lino print Starter Kit

As you can see from the images on the site, I am into Lino Prints.
How did it start? Louise Holmes, the mother of my daughters husband,
who is a multi-talented artist and poet, showed me some of her Lino prints
and asked me to help with a website and event she was attending in
late 2016.


We built her website Castironpress and online shop and in the process
was impressed with the results I saw and it got me thinking.


The kids bought me a starter kit see opposite and I got around to trying it
out in early January – the Tree Frog was my first attempt – I have always wanted
one and a print is as near as I am going to get.


I haven’t yet printed a full run of this I was so excited to run some prints off.
First things to learn, getting the drawing on the lino is stage one,
remembering that its will print in as a mirror image is next, Then not rushing the cutting
and there is a steep learning curve in getting the desired effect. Then the rush to print.
Printing is an art form on its own – patience which I realise I don’t really have is a must
and then the amount of time it takes to dry the prints is frustrating,


but the results are wonderful!


Why havent I printed off some more tree frogs yet? Because I wanted to cut some more lino
so I started the Boba Fett one – a 3 colour print – in progress
a Leonard Cohen one inspired by Nick Shigley fantastic portraits of forgotten people –
still trying to master his technique – but I was happy with the result and printed off
a limited run of 10 in Black.


At the same time I cut the chameleon and printed a few tests, need to refine some of
the line work.