Hendrix Lino print

This is in effect a monoprint of Hendrix as each print is unique as I have added multi colours to a single sheet of Lino which has then been printed over a base of yellow gold


I was trying to attempt a more painted process- the two linocuts are visable in the header the back one being the main black or multi colour plate and the front one being the yellow base colour

Hendrix was an inspired guitarist. He pioneered using amplifiers creating unique distorted sound with feedback pushing the guitar and the sounds in totally new directions. His records still sound amazing today. He led the way inspiring a whole new world of guitar playing.


Were to buy

Originals of which can be found on my Artfinder page, The original Monoprint is here

The image at the end isĀ  a larger digital print of one of the Monoprints – you can see the size difference in the image above the front image is a monoprint and the image behind is the Digital print these can be bought from my Etsy Store here


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Wall mounted framed print of Hendrix

Framed Hendrix print