David Bowie


One of my heros, from the early days as Ziggy, through the dance period and my alltime favorite the Berlin period. I started with a small 10cm x 15cm Lino of the famous finger pose, folllowed this with a bigger version and a number of people at craft fairs asked for a Ziggy image, so I cut one of these.


There are three versions of the small Lino print of Bowie, Black on white, Black on Blue stock and the latest a digital A5 version in Blue and Black, the larger A4 version has more detail and I have two versions a straight forward black only and a Blue and black one printed on a sheet of Bowie music, these are really Monoprints as each one is printed slightly differently and on a different song sheet.



The Third image of Bowie was a request from the people I met at Craft fairs, so the prints above are now available, when cutting a multi plate Lino Рin this case two a red and a blue one of them the red plate also worked as a single colour print. This is unusual as in most cases the top Lino is the one that is cut first and used to position  the others Рbut in this case the red Lino was cut first and the Blue after.


Were to buy

Originals of which can be found on my Artfinder page, Limited Edition prints are here

The Digital prints of the Blue and Black print in the Black frame and a smaller A5 digital print of Ziggy can be bought from my Etsy Store here


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