People Series

There is an artist called Geoffrey Johnson that I much admire and I wanted to look at a series of prints inspired by him but using Lino printing.



I start with a photograph, bought online and played around with it in Photoshop to reduce the elements to shapes that still maintained the form of people, I have also added some of the shadows. I got a huge response on Linocut Friends when I posted the first one. This is a great facebook group. A really good source of information, advice and help on all aspects of Lino printing, along with some amazing work from all around the world.


I then print these out using a laser toner printer and iron them onto the Grey linoleum – you need to be careful as it can damage the Lino – you can get air pockets which make carving dificult. I then carve and as you can see from the 1st one, the second and third have better reflections. From advice I recieved on Linocut Friends – have been using a Ghost technique on the reflections.
You ink as normal and then using scrap paper you remove some of the ink – I print by hand so I was careful to only lightly rub these areas so the they remain lighter in colour to the main people images.
The yellow ochre colour in the background is achieved by roller inking through a papermask (a rectangular hole in the Paper). The lines and shapes in the background are created by the roller and a happy accident of the cut lines on the board I laid the paper on to carry out the inking, the soft edge to the yellow areas is part of the masking process.
Because the surface pattern and inking is hand done – each print is allthough part of the series – unique. I have one more to print in this first series.
I also really like the pattern in the background so I’m planning to try this in a more planned way