Sculpture prints


I found a number of inspiring images on Pinterest of Sculptures and these led me to this new range of prints and a new technique that I will share with you.

I wanted to get the patina of metal sculptures that rich subtle range of colours, not one of Lino’s great obvious traits, so a bit of experimenting with initially a simple drawing of a horse. I print by hand so I’m used to getting a variable print outcome and I like this so you can see above the first layer of orange, I printed this and left it for a couple of days, then with out altering the Lino I printed a second colour of Brown and then a final touch of Black


I print using Ternes buttons for registration and this allows you to lift and look at the print, re-lay it and rub down a bit more this gives you a wide range of tonal colour options and the patina I was looking for.
I used the same technique on the Hares print for the first two colours before reducing the Lino for the fur and finally the black detail on the middle hare and the eyes


Below are the final prints


These can be found on my Etsy Store